We all need to start somewhere and this is where you will start your journey. The first 3 belts in this section are Yellow, Orange and Green. These belts focus on the main fundamentals and are without a doubt the most important. You will cover lots of footwork drills, defences from grabs and strikes. You will also learn the main strikes that we use. Each grading in this section can take anywhere from 3 to 4 months with continuous training.


Congratulations on earning your first three belts, the next step involves the intermediate belts which are Purple, Red, and Blue. At this stage, you will build on your previous knowledge and start to learn more complex skills. By the end of completing your Blue belt, you will know how to use the techniques you have learned in different situations. You will be expected to be able to perform the most basic techniques with speed, control while remaining focused. From Purple belt to Blue belt you may be invited to help assist the running of the club which will enhance your learning. Each belt in this category takes a minimum of 6 months to complete.


Congratulations on passing your blue belt, we understand that was not easy. The belts covered in this section are the 2 brown belts followed by what you have been training towards which is the prestige black belt. To complete these belts it will take a minimum of 3 years (1 year per belt) At this stage, you will be expected to know all previous techniques which you have been taught. Over the next 3 belts, you will revisit the basics on a regular basis along with more advanced techniques and even combinations. You will also start an introduction to multiple attacks.